The Ferrari Land Speed Record for the 288 GTO

The Ferrari

Land Speed Record for

the 288 GTO

Cavallo Volante

 The Flying Horse


The story of Cavallo Volante and our attempt to set the Ferrari land speed record started when I happened to see a movie, The World’s Fastest Indian, starring Anthony Hopkins. It was the story of sixty some year old New Zealander who decided to go to the Bonneville Salts Flats in Utah and set a speed record with his Indian motorcycle.

World's Fastest Indian

Click on image for link to movie.

After watching the movie it didn’t take long for me to become obsessed with the idea of taking a stock-bodied Ferrari to Bonneville and have a go at a  land speed record myself. I shared this idea with Bob Norwood and Tim Taylor one evening during a rowdy dinner in Dallas. The two would prove to be my racing mentors as well as the builders of the P4 seen in the Racing Collection section of this website.

Two weeks later in October 2007 I purchased an old retired Ferrari Bonneville racer that had been rebodied as a 288 GTO for $75,000. It was in rough shape after sitting for eight years. The Bonneville salt had taken its toll. Literally everything on or in the car had to be cleaned or replaced. This restoration of the car had to be done before it would be considered “safe” to start and drive.


Click on the first image below to see a gallery showing the re-buidling of the Ferrari 288 GTO.


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