ALF Tours Southwest Montana



Traftons Take ALF Through SW Montana


See photos as the American LaFrance vehicle goes touring. Read More…


July 4th Parade on Whidbey Island



A Good Old 4th of July Parade


Whidbey Island Washington plays host to the American LaFrance vehicle. Read More…


ALF Wins All Wheels Weekend

Washington Cities Host ALF


While touring Eastern Washington, Steve and Katherine Trafton visited the Dayton, Washington Car Festival, and unexpectedly won the People’s Choice Award. Read More…


ALF at Classic Auto Show in LA

The Oldest Car There!


One of our two ALFs appeared at the Los Angeles Classic Auto Show  January 27-29, 2017. Read More…



There’s Always a Next Time


A look back at an adventurous but unsuccessful attempt. Read More…


Requiem for the Liver

Farewell to the Liver Eater


But this vehicle will survive to drive again. Read More…


Ulaan Baatar

The Mongolian Noose Tightens


Both vintage racing vehicles take a beating. Read More…


Welcome to Mongolia

Gone, But Forgotten


Share the joy that bleakness brings as you follow along with the Black Horse Racing vehicles in Mongolia. Read More…


Show Your Inner Mongolia

Is There Any Nightlife Around Here?


More photos of the 3rd day of road racing as the Black Horse Racing Team apparently stalls from overheating and/or mechanical issues. Read More…


And They’re Off!

First Day On The Road


Follow along as the Peking to Paris race progresses. Its first day ride from Beijing to Datong, China is covered here. Read More…