Never during my lifetime...
have I felt so alive, so focused, so driven, so terrified or so euphoric as when I have approached the "edge" and experienced real danger. The quest to capture, even if only fleetingly, this natural high has been the driving force in my life in both achievement and failure.
While I do not suggest pursuing dangerous or foolish acts to test one's luck, I do advocate approaching the "edge" once in a while...if only to savor the walk back.
Black Horse Racing is a physical extension of who I am.
It is a legacy to a life I hope has been well lived.
Stephen Trafton


The website…

….was created so that I could share my lifelong love of challenge and adventure with family, friends, acquaintances and any strangers out there in the virtual universe who might have an interest in one or more of the following:

Land Speed Racing at the Bonneville Salt Flats. Go to the LAND SPEED RECORD tab above to read and see pictures and video of our successful attempt to set a world land speed record at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah.

Arctic Exploration. Go to the ARCTIC EXPEDITIONS tab above to read about the numerous high arctic expeditions I was fortunate enough to co-lead in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. These expeditions explored hitherto un-visited mountain ranges as far north as 82 degrees and resulted in several dozen first ascents and many miles of arctic travel in very isolated areas.

European Alpine Treks. Go to the EUROPEAN TREKS tab above to read about hiking across the Alps and Dolomites from Chamonix, France to Salzburg, Austria, from Chamonix to Zermatt, Switzerland along the famous Glacier Haute Route, around Mont Blanc and around the Matterhorn.

Across North America. Go to the AMERICAN TREKS tab above and read about several of the important segments of a crossing of North America by kayak and on foot from Washington D.C. to Seattle, Washington.

Black Horse Racing’s Peking to Paris Race. Go to the PEKING TO PARIS tab above to read about our 2016 attempt in this 8500 mile race,


Classic Sports Cars. Go to the CAR COLLECTION tab above to see the Black Horse collection of vintage sports, sports racing and Formula Racers.


Steve’s Business Career: Go to BUSINESS CAREER if you want to read about Steve’s bout with the United State Supreme Court.


Our Blog. Go to the BLOG tab to follow updates of our exploits.


New Book: Go to NEW BOOK to see extra photos and read excerpts from At The Edge.